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Payou Education is a private school with good reputation in Montreal, Canada, which is based on the principle of “high quality teaching”. We offer  weekends classes, afterschool curriculum in children training and adult training. It is a formal training school integrating “Talent, Chinese, English, French, Chinese and English, which strives to cultivate an innovative and comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic education. SEG International Education is dedicated to serving Chinese communities and mainstream society. Since its establishment in 2008, after five years of solid, steady and rapid development, the five campuses have been founded (verdun learning department and arts department; st-laurent campus; south-shore campus; downtown campus). Each campus has a fully-equipped indoor gymnasium, as well as outdoor playground, and bright and spacious classrooms, which provide a good learning environment for students. SEG International Education has an excellent reputation in Montreal and is a well-known private training school. 

We are a professional team. Our management members have many years of education and teaching background. Teachers come from both domestic and foreign outstanding who have many years’ teaching experience.  
We are a young team. Our average age is only 28 years old, full of vigor and innovation.        
We are a dedicated team. We firmly believe that the school comes from the trust of students and parents. Only concentration and love can make education.      
We are a team with dreams. We come from all corners of the world because of a common dream: to be one top of  Canadian talented schools, to create a loving environment for children.


As the pioneer of child education in Canada, SEG provides the education that is unparalleled. We want our students to exude academic ambition, benefit from an all-round development as individuals and citizens, and view the world from an international perspective. established since 2008, SEG is offering an experience that is rich in challenge, diversity and opportunity.

At the core of our success is our never-ending pursuit to inspire excellence, cultivate character, and empower engagement locally and globally.

Class for Entrance Exam towards Middle Schools 

To ensure the quality of our teaching, there will be small class teaching and the number of students in each class will be less than 20. We have a cohesive and dedicated teaching team for this class and make preparations for it cohesively. We are very proud and happy to announce that 100% of students in this class have admitted into well-known middle schools in Quebec.

English Classes for all Grades

Our English courses are provided by local and certified teachers, who have authentic pronunciations and master skills in education. There will be English textbooks for different Grades’ children. We hope that children’s confidence in speaking English would be founded.

French Classes for all Grades

Our French courses are provided by local and certified French teachers, who have authentic pronunciations and master skills in education. Our teachers are aiming at leading children to learn French in the right method and love French.


There will be Chinese and Western teachers in this class. Students capabilities on listening, reading, speaking and writing will be enhanced simultaneously. With the help of French songs, picture books and some interesting games, our teachers are striving to help children master the knowledge in welcome-class within six months.

Math teacher

Wang Yu, director of the teaching team for middle school entrance exams, has been teaching Math in Montreal for more than ten years. She is good at helping students to learn math methods and skills systematically.

French teacher

Madame C, star teacher in Payou Education, has many years teaching experience in French with authentic pronunciation. She is good at reading and writing in class, helping students master French gradually and comprehensive.

music teacher

Madame Y, star teacher in Payou Education, has been teaching music in Beijing and Montreal for years. She is good at playing piano and singing. With the help of Madame Y, many students from her class receive nice grades from various matches.

English teacher

Madame B, star English teacher in Payou Education and graduated from Concordia University, has been teaching English for more than 10 years. She is good at correcting students’ pronunciation in English and academic writing.

​Five Campuses in Montreal

​LaSalle Campus 

                       Ms.Lily 514-662-1502;
                       Ms.Amy 514-621-1677;

Cégep André-Laurendeau, 1111 Rue Lapierre, LaSalle, QC, H8N 2J4

Free Parking!

Programing TEACHER

Madame L, teacher in programming courses in Payou Education, has 7 years teaching experiences in primary school’s robotics and science classes. She will teach children based on their ages and hobbies.


Mr. Liu, popular teacher in Welcome class, has been teaching French for years. He is good at making summary of French knowledge and helping students to finish Welcome class in a good pace.

Painting teacher

Madame W, star painting teacher in Payou Education and graduated from Peking University, has been teaching and working on painting for about 20 years. She is good at children painting, cartoon portrait and sketch.

English teacher

Madame A, popular English teacher in Payou Education, has master degree in English Education. She has been teaching English for more than 10 years and helping children to take an active part in class.

Quezhiling school

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